We Believe

We are Christians, Jews, Buddhists and other people of faith. Our faiths share common themes of honesty, health and wellness, compassion, and justice. We are proud Americans from the state of Indiana. We value democracy as the path to liberty and justice for all. Decisions about religion, childbearing and family formation are a personal responsibility.  Reproductive Justice is a social responsibility.

What is Reproductive Justice?
Reproductive Justice is a new position emerging from women of color that breaks through the life/choice paradigm. The future of humanity depends on reproduction; however, reproduction is a process that uniquely renders women, girls, and young families vulnerable. Part of reproductive justice is the right to raise new life in conditions that sustain it. Throughout history, powerful institutions have coerced aspects of reproduction to expand their dominance.  The entire society is hurt by reproductive exploitation which is part of other oppressions like sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, religious oppression and religious intolerance. Reproductive Justice is imperative for a nation’s peace and prosperity. Reproductive Justice is a human right.

Our Mission

  • We are called by God to regard all forms of human life with dignity and moral worth and to affirm that every person has moral agency before God.
  • Inspired by faith, we strive for a society where reproductive justice is a reality, where childbirth is always voluntary, every child is wanted, and all children can be raised with dignity and free from violence and toxins.
  • As people of faith, we seek to correct the social injustices that contribute to disparities in unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and other family crises.
  • We call for an end to the abuse of our democracy by the misuse of public reproductive health policy and law for political, demographic, and especially religious power.