Talkline 1-888-493-1092. Backline transforms awareness of reproductive decision-making and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. We offer new voices and ideas that challenge stereotypes, stigma and the false dichotomies that divide people and their experiences. Backline promotes a bold, inclusive vision of equity and unconditional support for the full spectrum of reproductive possibilities.

Clergy Education

Here is a link to Faith Aloud's clergy education resources for clergy training in All Options Counseling and Pastoral Care before and after abortion. They now have an online workshop.

Clergy Speak

Although our position is Reproductive Justice, we are in alliance with these clergy who are members of the Clergy for Choice Network. Many resources are available through this link to the national Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice website.


I Knew You In The Womb was a 2011 Spirit and Place Festival event when the theme of the festival was The Body. A number of particularly challenging stories of reproduction and family formation were reenacted by professional actors led by Jim Trofetter of Theater on the Circle. These were the real stories of people of Indiana, some contemporary and some historical.