Vaporizer Reviews


Since the introduction of vaporizers in the market, more and more people are switching from traditional smoking to vaporizing dry herbs. The numerous advantages that vaporizing has over smoking have necessitated this switch that vaporizing has over smoking. Below are some of the benefits that one enjoys in vaporizers:

*There is no toxic smoke to worry about, hence no such thing as second-hand smoking.

*Your fingers, teeth or clothes don’t get stained which is a common occurrence in smokers.

*Smoking tobacco is usually more harmful as compared to vaporizing.

*There are no ashes that require constant disposing of.

*The health risks associated with vaporizers are usually lower as compared to those of smoking.

From the above, it is evident why more and more people prefer vaping to smoking. Due to the increased demand for vaporizers, many companies have come up with all kinds of brands with the aim of making a kill from it. Some of these brands being produced are not of the best quality which affects the performance of the vaporizer. For this reason, it is important to do some research to ascertain the best vaporizer to buy. Below are some of the best vaporizers that you may want to try according to


person vaping

1. Davinci IQ

One of the most outstanding features of this vaporizer is a zirconia air path that releases a cool and thick flavor. The control allows you to customize the session according to your needs by simply adjusting it. For the ones who have the latest gadget, it comes with its tailor-made app that one can connect to via bluetooth. It also has a battery that lasts between 3 to 5 sessions before requiring a recharge.


2. PAX 3

This is the product of the PAX labs. One of the benefits that it has over the Davinci IQ is its wax compatibility. It has a lip sensing technology that heats the vaporizer upon nearing your mouth which amplifies the experience. It also comes with an app which you can sync with your smartphone. Its battery life is 4 to 6 sessions.


3. Ghost MV1

It is one of the most complex vaporizers available. One of the unique features of this vaporizer is that it can accomodate both the dry herbs and concentrates. It also has amazing and latest gadgets that can accompany it. Its battery has a life of 4 to 5 sessions.


4. Arizer Solo 2

This is an improvement of its former self. It is designed and produced by Arixer. It is also the biggest among the models and is actually among the biggest in the market; but this doesn’t make it less effective. One of the most outstanding features of this vaporizer is the battery lifes that lasts between 10 and 15 sessions.


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5. Firefly 2

It comes fitted with a premium glass vapor path for the maximum possible experience. It also comes equipped with a wax compatible design which makes it easy to hold. Its battery is quite good for its model as it is 6 to 8 sessions.

The above are some of the many vaporizers that there are. So if you are interested in vaporizing, you can order them online and have them delivered right at your doorstep.