Three Best Water Sports for Your Health

All sports are good for your health. The competitive spirit and discipline in the game can improve both your ability to control yourself and coordinate with others.

But you know that sports can not only be done on land. Along with the development of the era, making someone more creative in developing this one activity. The aim is that we do not become bored, and as a means to relax but with useful things.


kayaking in groupKayaking is one type of water sports that use a boat and rowing as a tool to play it. It can be classified into a type of extreme sport that is carried out by a player who sits in a kayak, a boat that has a shape like a canoe. Many people think that kayaking and canoing are the same, when in fact they are different.

Kayak is a sports name along with the designation of the equipment used, which is a kayak boat. In contrast to the design on a canoe boat that has an open type deck, the front and rear of the boat like having a cover deck leaving only space in the middle of the boat as a seat for players later.

You can do kayaking either by yourself or with a partner. The latter is called as tandem kayaking. You should learn about the material selections and environmental compatibility.

Water Polo

water poloWater polo is one of the branches of water sports that are played with teams. This sport is also considered a combination of swimming, wrestling, soccer, and basketball. Although it looks interesting, this sport is not well known by most of the general public.

The flow of the game used is not very different from football, requires two referees and also 2 line judges who play a role to determine the goals that occur in the match. Then in the water polo game, it is divided into four periods and has a duration of 7 minutes each in the quarter. For distance or interval time intervals every one period with another that is as much as 2 minutes.


rafting in groupRafting is an activity that combines elements of sports, adventure, education, and also recreation. This sport is played using a rubber boat, paddle and canoe media. This sport includes sports that can test our guts, and have considerable risk.

This sport is played with teams, with one team totaling 4 participants and one guide. Solidarity and obedience in the group are needed in this sport. In order to achieve success and overcome various obstacles that exist in the river.