2014 Annual Report

2014 has been a busy year for Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice. Read our annual report and consider a donation to support our work in Indiana to create conditions for sexual and gender justice, healthy reproduction, family formation and sustaining new life.

IRCRC 2013 Annual Repor...

This is the 2013 Annual Report of the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice. We have been very busy this year changing hearts and minds, educating, advocating, serving and raising our profile. We deeply appreciate your encouragement and support. Your feedback is always welcome. Have a joyful holiday season.


There is a special need for clergy to speak out in favor of reproductive justice. Please join our clergy list as an act of public support and to be a resource for faithful social justice and theology consultation.

HAPA Indiana Coalition

IRCRC is a member of the Health Access and Privacy Alliance, a coalition of organizations who work for reproductive health and safety of Indiana's women, children and families. We bring together like-minded Indiana organizations to educate Indiana citizens as well as policy-makers. Learn more about HAPA, its member organizations, and find information about how your organization can join on the the HAPA website.


We welcome all supporters: Religious and secular, lay and clergy.  Please contact us to be included as a supporter and to receive updates.


Organizations in Indiana show their commitment to reproductive justice by signing up to be IRCRC Supporters. Supporters can include congregations, committees, chapters, and other local groups, as well as regional and state-level groups such as conferences, districts, presbyteries. Both religious and secular groups are welcome.