New Sexual Ethic

The Indiana Chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State presents Carolyn Meagher and Sue Ellen Braunlin, M.D. speaking on: In Search of a New Christian Sexual Ethic (Reproductive Rights, Health, Justice in a Red State. Sunday April 21st 6:30 PM, Broadway United Methodist Church

Rally 4 Bei Bei

The Rally for Bei Bei April 6 at City Market, Indianapolis, was a great event. Protesters showed their support for Bei Bei Shuai and demanded that the Marion County Prosecutor, Terry Curry, drop all charges. To share pictures and follow up, see the "Rally for Bei Bei Shuai" Event page on Facebook.

IN 2013 Legislation

HB 1182 has passed both houses. It excludes pregnant women from a bill for end-of-life autonomy. Indiana SB 371 has also passed both houses. It unjustifiably restricts the use of medication abortion to surgical-type settings. IRCRC opposes both bills. SB371 fails all four criteria. We also oppose drug testing for TANF because drug surveillance will trap pregnant women. We support the Medicaid expansion for Indiana.

Letter to Terry Curry

This is the letter co-signed by allies that is being prepared to send to the prosecutor, Terry Curry. He makes a point to say there has been very little local controversy about this case, but a surprising amount of international interest. Contact us to co-sign this letter, or send your own message via any media with contact information below the signatures. There is an MC Prosecutors' Office page with a field for "recommendations".