• Public support for relationships built on┬ámutual respect and consent, equal power and expectation of caring
  • Special consideration for those most vulnerable, especially pregnant women and newborns
  • Special consideration for the marginalized and oppressed
  • Acknowledgement of the complexity and uniqueness of every situation
  • Public responsibility for the common good of accessible, affordable family planning


  • the spiritual abuse of the woman seeking abortion committed by unwanted “sidewalk counseling” of Christian extremists
  • the bodily violation, the emotional violation, the risk and burden of forcing a woman to bear a child against her will
  • the grief of the woman forced by circumstances into abortion because she has insufficient resources to sustain and nurture a child
  • unmet needs of existing children whose mother is unable to secure the resources for the abortion she desperately needs
  • exceedingly high rate of unintended pregnancy, abortion, unwanted children and childhood poverty due to lack of public support for contraception and health care
  • the failure to affirm the blessing of abortion in pre-empting maternal and newborn suffering and mortality in cases of severe congenital abnormality and co-existing disease
  • the tragedy that a woman who seeks abortion will risk her life to get it when abortion is not safe, legal, affordable, and accessible
  • minimization of the vulnerability of the pregnant woman and newborn by people who regard the fetus with idolatry
  • the invalidation of the moral agency of the pregnant woman in the assertion that every fetus must be brought to life, regardless of the resources to sustain it and the well-being of the pregnant woman and her family
  • harmful gender stereotypes and coercive gender shaming
  • persecution of sexual minorities including GLBT people

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