• Reproductive and family formation decisions are voluntary and based on individual moral judgement and religious beliefs
  • Access to safe, non-judgmental, voluntary birth control and back-up measures, including abortion
  • Scientifically valid public health policy and education
  • Purposes of  sexuality being pleasure,  intimacy and procreation


  • US maternal and newborn mortality rank of 40th in the world despite spending by far the most on health care
  • the fivefold increased risk of unintended pregnancy in the woman who is having financial difficulties
  • the decreased birth weight and decreased maternal health caused closely spaced pregnancies and high fertility
  • the lack of access to IUDs because of high up-front costs that could be solved by no-co-pay birth control, a very cost effective policy for public health
  • the preventable suffering and harm of unintended pregnancy, abortion, unwanted children and childhood poverty that could be prevented easily and cheaply by health care reform
  • the high correlation of birth control sabotage with domestic abuse
  • the increased likelihood of becoming a victim of violence and murder when a woman becomes pregnant
  • the wrongful increase in the maternal risk and cost of delayed abortion due to ill-advised mandated waiting periods
  • the delay and burden of travel caused by insufficient numbers of abortion providers
  • the suffering and mortality that could be prevented by access to therapeutic abortion for women who seek it for severe congenital abnormality and co-existing disease
  • the illegal and unsafe abortions that result from persecution and criminalization of abortion providers
  • the gaps in provision of emergency contraception for victims of rape that occur especially in Catholic emergency rooms and in the military
  • the detrimental public health policy enacted by politicians who exploit social controversies to create wedge issues




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