• The misuse of public health policy for political influence or religiously-based oppression
  • The moral worth of all forms of human life
  • The dignity and moral agency of every person
  • Personal religious freedom within in a pluralistic society
  • Sexuality as a healthy part of the human experience
  • Sexual and reproductive self-determination as an essential freedom
  • The natural variation of gender and sexuality


  • the cruel fallacy that adoption is an easy solution to unwanted pregnancy  – for any of the parties involved
  • minimization of maternal burden and risk in pregnancy – loss of wages, shortness of breath and endurance, pain, reduction of motility, vulnerability to humiliation, domestic violence and murder
  • overstating the maternal risk of abortion (childbirth carries 11 times the maternal mortality of abortion)
  • the incoherence of great concern for fetal pain at 20 weeks yet no concern for fetal pain in labor and childbirth
  • the Christian extremist terrorism of stalking, harassment, threats and murder of abortion providers
  • the corruption of democracy by legislators’ misuse of public health law and policy that worsens public health and wastes resources in order to pander to voters
  • the reproductive abuse by religious and nationalist authorities to shame and coerce childbearing for ulterior demographic motives
  • the historic reproductive abuse by physicians and legislators in legal and illegal involuntary sterilization of “undesirable” elements of population
  • the historic persecution of midwives by the American Medical Association
  • the lies, broken promises, and coercive adoptions in government subsidized Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • the lies, inaccuracy, withholding of information, stigmatization and coercive gender shaming in government subsidized abstinence-only-until-marriage programs
  • the misuse by legislators of medical ultrasound to shame and coerce women seeking abortion
  • the intrusion by legislators on the doctor patient relationship by overriding informed consent, dose protocols of medical abortion, and non-indicated abortion requirements
  • the false claim of government oppression of Catholic Bishop’s religious liberty
  • the false claim of emotional harm from abortion and minimization of post-partum depression
  • the wrongful withholding of emergency contraception from those below the age of 17 and from those without IDs when the FDA cleared it for over the counter sales
  • the minimization of Catholic Bishops’ and powerful Evangelical groups’ religious oppression in their fight to create obstacles to reproductive health care
  • the disguised motives of those who are driven to punish women for their unapproved sexual behaviors by forcing women to bear children they do not want and cannot afford — this is institutional reproductive abuse
  • distortion of scripture to reinforce subjugation of women and perpetuate hierarchies of gender, race, class, orientation, religion and other aspects of wrongful privilege


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