• Equal opportunity to become pregnant, carry, birth and raise children safely with dignity and free of violence and toxins
  • The right to decide to parent or not to parent without interference or coersion
  • No disparities or religious exemptions in access to health care and safe and non-judgmental abortion services
  • Recognition of the interaction of reproductive oppression with race, gender, class, orientation and other oppressions


  • exploitation of enslaved people by forced labor and reproduction and separation of families for the economic benefit of others
  • the historic persecution and exclusion of midwives by the American Medical Association
  • the historic persecution and execution of witches, herbalists, and midwives by religious and secular authorities
  • the historic involuntary sterilization of people judged to be undesirable
  • the persecution of abortion providers by oppressive regulation and Christian extremist terrorists
  • disparity between women’s and men’s cost of health insurance compounded by gender disparity in wages
  • the disproportionate burden on low income women in every legal obstacle to abortion
  • the injustice that the very few women seeking abortion who fail to get it are also those least able to provide for a child
  • the reality that a birth mother economically forced to place a child for adoption is unlikely to be an ongoing part of a healthy open adoption
  • targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP)
  • income disparities in access to birth control, unintended pregnancy rates and abortion rates (5 times more in low income women)
  • high incidence of birth control sabotage in abusive relationships (an act that warrants criminalization)
  • impaired access to birth control and emergency contraception because of conscience objections by pharmacists and health care providers who refuse to find a substitute provider
  • withholding knowledge of life-saving and unwanted-life-preventing information in health classes of public schools from the teenagers who need it
  • high rate, inadequate reporting, and lack of criminal justice in cases of rape, especially in the military (with poor access to abortion) and on college campuses
  • Indiana’s ranking at 1st in rate of rape for high school girls
  • Indiana’s rank of 49th in prevention of unintended pregnancy
  • wrongful incarceration of an Indianapolis woman who miscarried as a result of a suicide attempt – Read about Bei Bei Shuei HERE




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